What is Love?

Do you practice the law of Universal Love fully?

The cosmic law of Universal Love, ruler of all universal laws shows that: 

LOVE builds, not destroys;

Gives freedom, not denies it;

Does not subject to nor subjects itself to;

LOVE does not treasure, but shares;

It is not selfish, possessive nor authoritarian;

It is impersonal, generous and sympathetic;

LOVE is not discriminatory or personal, but universal and impersonal;

IT is delivered without expecting rewards or recognition;

Love does not forgive because nothing offends it;

It does not demand because it has no expectation;

Love does not reason because it is a divine feeling rather than a calculated thought;

Love is not greedy because it has it all;

It does not criticize, because it understands the divinity of man, respects his wishes and free will;

It does not fall into jealousy because it extends into every heart;

It loves all and shares without feelings of belonging or possession;

LOVE is protector without discrimination, for to Love, all are his children, mothers, fathers, husbands, brothers, friends.

Love does not have favorites and extends itself as a perfect feeling and divine energy that is.

Love is God, and therefore is perfect and absolute.

It is silent because it is wisdom;

Its manifestations are simple and humble, but sincere and pure.

Nothing disturbs Love because it is intact;

Nothing extinguishes it because it is infinite;

It belongs to all because it is universal and cosmic.


Do you practice the law of Universal Love fully? 

Perform a sincere examination; a self-assessment of feelings and actions within your daily experiences that you consciously or unconsciously live; Then you will have identified if you flow with the law of Love.

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“All that happens in life has a profound meaning of Love”

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