Total Presence Coaching

Who's it for?


Learn to navigate through your inner chaos to embody freedom,

because your mind was NOT designed to live in drama but to make your wisdom shine.




If ANY of the following resonates with you, and you are READY to invest in yourself, then you are Total Presence Coaching-ready:

  • What you learn in courses does not always work, or you just don’t know how to apply it in real life.
  • You confuse your imagination with reality by plunging headfirst in your thoughts.
  • You have racing repetitive thoughts that distract you from breathing and that suck ALL the energy out of you in the blink of an eye.
  • You feel irritable and insecure, thinking "to hell with everything" (aren't you already there?) and hide under the sheets or in a secluded cave of the world, to never leave again.
  • You hopelessly look for that magic pill to run away from that indecisive black cloud in your mind that prevents you from seeing where to begin making changes.
  • You lost your voice, terrified of expressing your most intimate discomforts and of breaking the communication with others, of losing your most important relationships and ending up a lonely soul for the rest of your life.
  • The 'perfectionist's voice in you is amplifying leaving you unsatisfied with everything and prefers abandoning before starting anything.
  • Your head is hardly above water and loaded with a noise of not being good enough.
  • You don't believe or enjoy the beautiful reality that you live in because there is always a flurry of assumptions that sabotages it.
  • You overload yourself with tasks and at the end of the day, you feel that you wasted your time. To top it all off, when others talk about their lives, you feel unhappy with yours, because you should be doing more and better.


If the mind is the most creative and powerful tool given to you, why use it to self-destruct



Although your intention is ALWAYS good, the results are not always what you want. These and more "mental viruses" roll automatically in your conscious field; others more, in the subconscious. They are there because you haven't learned to reset, generate new ones and direct them voluntarily and consciously towards your life purpose: to develop your capacity for happiness, inner peace, and wisdom. 

When you do this, your life becomes an adventure and the feeling when you wake up, after a night of deep rested and restorative sleeping, is optimism, enthusiasm and the best willingness to face what the adventure brings with it.

I coach the ART OF FLOW to empower people to tap into their greatness

Who do you know that is ready to transform obstacles into MAGIC?





Why Coaching Total Presence?

You have tried many methods that do not work for you. You are ready for change and to navigate your mind to get the most out of it.

I am here to provide a safe, neutral, reliable and non-judgmental space, where you can learn to release drama and have the opportunity to change those noisy, nagging, messy conversations that run back and forth in your head. The end result is a life free of guilt, dependence and limiting concepts and ABUNDANT with wisdom, recognition, peace, and happiness.


You came to learn how to polish your inner brilliance, to lead your life from a higher level of consciousness,

thanks to the struggles you face TODAY