If the results you experience in your life today are not what you expect, they are generated from information that is not appropriate. Total Presence invites you to explore new perspectives, new ways of seeing life, to break patterns that bind you to the limitations of the ego, and to be open to new information of Love that leads to freedom.

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We have all been invited and summoned to form a peaceful society, are you part of it? In this wonderful eBook you will find the way to tell, and if you are not already in that correspondence, find out what you must change to achieve it.

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Films and documentaries with a brief description to hopefully entice you to explore on your own the true message behind each movie. This list will grow regularly so I invite you to visit this section frequently to be updated ejemplo.
The Croods

Whoever decides to risk and adapt to changes, will be the one who ends up evolving and manifesting a new world. 


A beautiful Japanese series of 12 chapters inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, which emphasizes the connection between all the elements of Earth.

How to Love - Anthony de Mello

Love is not the appeasement of our loneliness, the desire, the attraction, the dependency, the anxiety, the fear to lose, the ambition...Love does not keep records of "bad" or "good"... Love enjoys the presence as it IS…

The pyramid code

Egypt, a land of hidden treasures 

The leggend of Bagger Vance

A story of self-improvement, comprenhension, consciousness of all that was, is, and will be.

The book of Life

The inspiration of this animated film is the Day of the Dead, and brings a great message. The creator has imagined three worlds, that of the living beings, that of the remembered ones and the forgotten. The way we act on the first of them will be key to determine the destiny.


Listen to the voice of your own inner master and there will always be light and fluidity, despite the obstacles you encounter along the way.