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Loving the Monster

Ego, that three-letter character you learned to see as a great monster without even knowing or understanding where it comes from, is nothing more than the whole package of beliefs that you have installed in your mind automatically, and that have been molding your personality to this day.

Thanks to ego, TODAY you can read this article, experience life in a physical body, and perceive everything it offers with your five senses. Note that what you perceive is not necessarily what your neighbor perceives. Your ego is yours and gives you the unique characteristics of your personality; your neighbor’s ego is theirs, with its unique attributes and characteristics of him.

The ego on the path of evolution is like that dress you wear in the morning and you take off at night. Depending on the temperature, the people you'll meet, your activities, etc., you'll wear the dress that best suits the circumstances.

But what happens when you put on a coat from head to toe and outside it’s so hot that your eyelashes get burned? Or you go out in underwear when outside there’s a snowstorm that freezes your ... eyelashes? - To give the same example wink

As you read at the beginning, the ego is your bundle of beliefs. It believes it's cold when it's hot, it believes it's hot outside when there's a snowstorm, it believes it's night-time when it's time for breakfast, and it prepares breakfast when guests come for dinner, because it doesn’t have a way to measure the real temperature or the exact circumstances that the day brings, so you don’t always get what you expect.

Do you know someone who doesn’t want to be happy? Do you know someone who doesn’t seek love and peace in their heart?

We all look for these three ingredients, but we don't all know how to get them.

The function of the ego is to allow you to enter the laboratory of life and experience through trial and error to discover the ingredients that make a full life experience. Once you discover the right formula, you’re not interested in reapplying the wrong formula.

Your ego goes with you everywhere and without it, there is no place in this third dimension you live in. The question is: when does it serve you and when doesn't it? When does it become a burden for you more than a support? When it overprotects you it so much that it doesn’t let you move or see the obvious answer in your face?

¿Why from Ego to Love?

The results you get in the present that DO NOT nourish your happiness, your inner peace and the love that already exists within you, come from your belief system = EGO.

Thanks to these results, and the willingness to learn, which is already in you, you can transform yourself and generate NEW REALITIES. This applies to your interpersonal relationships, work relationship, money, your health, the place where you develop and especially the relationship with yourself.


Ego decisions based on fear, protect your emotional world with masks, armor, strategies that lead you to live in complaints, comparisons, conflicts, dramas, resistance, guilt, anguish, suffering, resignation, imbalance, and loss of energy. From here you develop a personality that corners you and doesn’t allow you to BE happy.




Conscious decisions that understand what Love is about, keep you in balance, lead you to find a way to reconcile, to recognize the wonders of the present, to accept, respect, appreciate, adapt, ALWAYS, taking into account that the most important relationship you came to develop is the relationship with yourself. 



Becoming aware of your inner world and the mechanisms that pop up automatically, allows you to respond in a clearer, more accurate, above drama. This is the adventure you came to experience in this life. You came to learn to transform the beliefs of your ego, in successful formulas: LOVE!



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