I need a change in my life, where do I begin?

I need a change in my life, where do I begin?

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Success is in learning what difficulties teach us.

Evaluate yourself

ALL those results you get in your life, are the result of yourself. Decisions you have made in the past may not have been taken from a deep understanding of yourself, therefore the results obtained, were nor what you expected. No matter how old you are or what resources you have, you can do it NOW. Nothing, except your ego, prevents you from looking, correcting, and moving towards something more satisfying and aligned with who you really are.

Observe if you are trying to change your outer reality instead of changing your inner. Only an internal change allows you to accept everything around you and vibrate to a greater and more satisfying frequency.

Recognize yourself

The life you have lived is enough to identify your great internal virtues. An observation from a neutral space allows you to identify and give them the value they deserve.


You have developed these virtues through your own effort and experience. When you decided to come to this life you committed to yourself with your own evolution and decided at some point, to strengthen them. 

Are you putting those virtues at the service of others unconditionally? Or at the service of the ego?

All situations that require some effort on your part, whether problems, crises, difficulties, are giving you the opportunity to strengthen and expand the best of you, to free yourself from the chains of the ego! ... Then, you will be able to generate more enriching and abundant correspondences.

Total Presence has developed this self-coaching program as a support to learning to recognize, develop and make available to all beings that inhabit this planet, the best of you.

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