From Fear to Freedom

"We all have fears and traumas because our mind is still polluted with information not aligned with truth. However, once we experience saturation we are ready to active consciousness and voluntarily work on those fears."

What are you afraid of?

In all coaching processes I’ve worked on, and I mean, ALL OF THEM, there’s always a fear underneath blocking the flow. In fact, in some cases the purpose of the process itself is to conquer a specific fear because the person has experienced enough saturation from conflicts due to fear.

We all have fears and traumas because our mind is still polluted with information not aligned with truth. However, once we experience saturation we are ready to active consciousness and voluntarily work on those fears.

Where does fear originate?

Rational or automatic fears

The perfect and marvelous design of nature has created fear as a survival mechanism. This means that in order to preserve the species, the instinct generates an automatic fight or fight response in front of any type of element of danger.

The reptilian brain is in charge of basic survival functions and it’s there where the instinct originates. At the moment it determines a situation is dangerous, it triggers a series of defensive messages.

The irrational or subconscious mind is originated in the reptile brain and it is there where all the traumas, phobias, fears, irrational fears are stored, even those we don’t know where they come from but are present.

Any situation that surpasses the threshold of instinct immediately generates a trauma. These thresholds are not the same for all human beings because they depend of genetic structures. This means that a person dealing with a sight, sound, contact, taste or even a specific odor, will generate a trauma if the situation surpasses the threshold or security limit.

As an example, if a noise goes beyond a certain intensity (threshold limit), the instinct immediately labels it as dangerous and the mind associates it with the source generating that noise. Then, every time we have to deal or even think about this situation, we are going to experience an automatic reaction of trauma.

Rational Fears

There’s another kind of fear that is in another part of the mind and is not sub-conscious because it comes from culture and knowledge, in other words, learned beliefs (ego) that originate in rigid and intransigent concepts in front of attitudes of other people. These beliefs generate non-automatic behaviors, rational but purely selfish.

Effect of fear

Whatever the origin might be, the effect is easily identifiable. Fears limit our lives, our inner peace, our relationships and even our health. They are energies in somatization and become mental and physical diseases.

Accumulated trauma in the sub-conscious mind generates automatic behaviors that come from a reactive mind, which generates effects of panic, fight or flight. Under these circumstances, we block all possibility of living life at the fullest.

Value of fear

Everything in life, even what we don’t understand, has great value and serves a vital purpose of love: activating our maximum potential.

Who doesn’t want to experience everlasting peace and happiness?

We are walking the path that is teaching us what Love is about, encapsulating in itself peace and happiness.

All those situations that we cannot understand are there so we can learn to understand them. In school we solved math problems to learn mathematics, in life we face difficulties to learn to flow with life.

Avoiding or resisting obstacles does not make our learning easier, it simply postpones the learning process.

Living in fear is living a limited life and our mission is to live life to the fullest, with all our potential developed to the maximum and with the ability to serve without limits.

If we aspire to climb our evolutionary latter, we have to willingly activate the comprehensive part of our brain and start deactivating the automatic part. Therefore, fears are giving us the opportunity to discover, exercise and strengthen the best of our inner self!

The path of life, step by step, brings us closer to a higher frequency of Love and pulls us away from low frequencies of fear. However, this process is individual and voluntary. The more we connect with our true essence, the more we understand the way and we take control of our own path.

Automatic thoughts are instinctive and selfish. Getting closer to Love implies exercising voluntary thoughts and releasing the automatic because Love is voluntary, not automatic.

How do we conquer fear?

Do not justify your fears

The ego justifies itself. It becomes a victim to avoid change, but everything has a limit. If we do not transform our fears willingly under manageable conditions, the unmanageable will arise soon, forcing change.

The fear is yours

The ego is used to shifting responsibility to others for what it generates itself. Fear belongs to the person experiencing it and nothing and nobody is responsible for these manifestations. Only a mind interpreting wrongly can generate the correspondent effect.

Change the focus of attention

Instead of looking at the situation that is apparently causing the fear, like a monster, observe where the fear is pushing you and the effect of doing nothing with it. On the other hand, observe how others are dealing with the same situation with total neutrality and learn from them.

Direct your thoughts willingly.

If a thought is not voluntary, it is not comprehensive. Who would you be or what would you be doing differently if the existing fear were absent? Start imagining how you would deal with this situation with the same neutrality as others would. Hold and empower that thought.

Watch your vital energy

Maintaining the vital energy is, well, vital, in all the process of consciousness. Without it, it is impossible to see clearly and to embark on a path filled with better and more efficient results in life. Explore more about the vital energy.

More about Vital Energy.

Face the monster with action

The fear you’re facing in any given situation, is a mirage, something you created, and only the creator can transform it into light. If in the past there were some kind of situation that represented a danger to your survival, it stays in the past. A liberating future is created from a liberating present. Jump into action and you’ll discover that you were stuck in a mirage.

Seek support

There are fears and especially traumas that can be paralyzing. Do not allow this; your mission is to clean your mind from everything limiting you! Seek support to overcome your fears. There are techniques that if you can follow step by step to ensure the release and coming of new correspondences!

Everything you keep in your mind in the present will be a manifestation of the future!

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