About Ana

Hello, I am Ana…

I always wondered why contrasting and confronting experiences are part of our lives.

My journey on the path to understanding, learning from and transforming my life goes as far back as my childhood.

I came from a developing country where war, violence, poverty and social disparities are compiled in statistics. However, I was not a part of this reality. I was blessed to have been homed, nourished and schooled, and learned to value what that meant as a child growing up until it became my comfort zone.

Life became a series of patterns dictated by social environment and where happiness was found in “getting married, buying a house, having a recognized profession and a well paid job”. My future was strategically planned!

At the age of 28, two years into my marriage, my belief system was shaken and the very foundation of my comfort zone crumbled when my husband unexpectedly passed away.

Confusion that I remember feeling growing up as a child resurfaced. I experienced suffering, pain, anger, and despair and found myself constantly fighting with God. When I felt I was ready to give up on life, a strong deep inner voice guided me in seeking answers.

I embarked on an unknown path that led me to explore, study, read, travel, and meet people from different cultures, ages and experiences, all of which constituted little by little the important pieces of my self-discovery.

Navigating against the current, facing difficulties and committing errors were all part of the necessary process to acquire a new level of consciousness. This led me to discover the abundance of the Universe, its laws and the results of flowing with them.

By understanding the real meaning of death and facing the unknown, I discovered that inner voice that is guiding me to experience Truth and live in a state of gratitude. Through confusion, I found answers. In fighting with God, I discovered in what consists Love. By depending on external outcomes, I learned how to take charge of my own happiness.

I learned that answers are at our disposal if only we decide to look for them. Life has been the best gym to train myself.

Today I continue advancing in the path of self-discovery, leaving aside contrast and flowing more and more harmoniously with universal laws.

Understanding the language of the universe has allowed me to facilitate processes of personal growth, develop www.totalpresence.org, my mission as a coach, and with it, continue transforming my destiny, creating and choosing consciously and honoring my inner voice.

Thank You for Reading...


I Coach the Art of Love by learning to Flow with Universal Laws.  Who do you know?


Always grateful

Infinite thanks to Gerardo Schmedling, my main mentor, for being the channel through which information came to me, allowing me to enter the wonderful realm of understanding of Love and the perfect order of everything that exists.

And thanks to other organizations through which I perfected my practice:

  • Tantra Yoga (2017)
  • Metagenealogy (2015)
  • Cosmology Martinus - Denmark (2010)
  • Transformational Presence Coach, Alan Seal (2010)
  • Professional Coach Certified, ICA (2009)
  • Master Practitioner PNL, CQPNL, Montreal, Canada (2008)
  • Escuela de Magia de Amor, Gerardo Schmedling, Colombia (1998-2004)



  • Coach
  • Observer of nature
  • Navigator in the world of consciousness
  • Student in the game of life
  • Creator of Total Presence
  • Intuitive
  • Open to changes
  • Universal laws practitioner
  • Self-awareness practitioner
  • Non-perfect
  • Extremely committed
  • Self-discoverer
  • Sincerely interested in supporting your growth